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For Smokin' Music - It's Got To Be Home Grown!

1. A Million Grains of Sand Play Sample
2. Freeze Play Sample
3. What's Your Status in London? Play Sample
4. Bunnies Play Sample
5. All Kings Fall Play Sample
6. Name Play Sample
7. A Million Grains of Sand (Pt.II) Play Sample

David Lott guitars, vocals
Chad Dinzes
keyboards, vocals
Matt Epstein
bass guitars
Josh Bloom
drums and percussion, vocals

On tracks 1, 3, and 7:
Dave Eggar Cello Theresa Salamon Violin
string arrangements by dave eggar

On tracks 2, 3 and 6:
Kurt Stockdale Saxophone Tom Barber Trumpet Michael Bease Trombone
horn arrangements by kurt stockdale

Co-Produced by Licorice
Recorded and Mixed at Bushwick Studio Brooklyn, NY
Co-Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Josh Kessler
Additional engineering by Adam Pettis
Mastered by Scott Hull at Scott Hull Mastering New York, NY

Photography by Maia MacLeod
Designed by jared Weinberger

All Rights Reserved.